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Uz Neatkarīgās jautājumiem atbild Ventspils valstspilsētas pašvaldības domes priekšsēdētājs Jānis Vītoliņš
Jānis Vītoliņš, Chairman of the Ventspils City Council, answers the Neatkarīgā's questions
On July 22, China's National Health Commission rejected a proposal by the World Health Organization to re-test the laboratories and markets in Wuhan to test the hypothesis that Covid-19 had been released into the environment from a Chinese laboratory.
10. – 11. jūlijā netālu no Raunas pie Lubūža ezera (Smiltenes un Cēsu novadu teritorijā) notika šogad pirmās rogaininga sacensības naktī – “Pusnakts rogainings”.
On July 10-11, near Rauna by the Lubūzis lake (in the territory of Smiltene and Cēsis municipalities), the first night rogaining competition took place this year - "Midnight rogaining".
According to the calculations of the International Trade Center, in 2020 Latvia was in the first place in the world in terms of the amount of exported peat. In 2020, Latvia exported 1.97 million tons of peat, Germany – 1.50 million tons, and Canada - 1.42 million tons of peat. In 2020, Estonia exported 1.32 million tons, the Netherlands 1.24 million tons and Ireland 0.93 million tons of peat.
Actions to quickly overthrow the Belarusian authoritarian leader Alexander Lukashenko failed. One of the side effects of such a failure is that an authoritarian leader can pursue a policy that is very unpleasant for its neighbors, and if an authoritarian leader stays in power for a long time, Belarus's neighbors on the EU side will have to pay the brunt of the failed coup attempt.
Bens Latkovskis' article in Neatkarīgā on July 6 started a discussion on the question of whether all companies, all people must engage in each global conflict with the leaders of a country who sometimes violate the norms of a civilized society and do not respect international law.
On July 6, the Supreme Court of Belarus sentenced Viktar Babaryka, one of Belarus' most prominent opposition figures, to 14 years in prison. In 2020, Viktar Babaryka planned to run in the presidential election, but he was detained shortly before the election. Formally, the lawsuit was not political, as the candidate for the presidency of Belarus was accused of corruption, money laundering and tax evasion.
According to the calculations of the International Trade Center, in 2020 Latvia was in third place in the world in terms of the volume of exported rye. In 2020, Poland exported 1.29 million tons of rye, Germany - 265 thousand tons of rye, and Latvia exported 168 thousand tons of rye. In rye exports, in 2020 Latvia overtook Canada, Sweden, Lithuania, Estonia, the Czech Republic, France and other countries. Latvia's share in the global rye market, calculated by the amount of grain, was 7.7%. In 2020, the main buyers of Latvian rye were companies from Spain, Russia, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania and Belgium.
Recently, at the EU level in particular, there is a growing influence of policies that are characterized by special treatment for all animals used by humans. The most aggressive ones in this direction are even demanding that everyone follow the lifestyle they follow, and insisting that everyone adopt their value system in relation to wildlife. Sometimes these aggressive animal rights activists are equated with vegans, as well as those who do not eat meat and encourage others to follow suit.
On June 29, a seminar on China's development and new opportunities in Sino-Latvian relations was organized by the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Latvia. The Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to Latvia Liang Jianquan emphasized that the date of the seminar had been chosen because the Chinese Communist Party celebrates its 100th anniversary on July 1.
Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to Latvia Liang Jianquan answers Neatkarīgā's questions.
Uz Neatkarīgās jautājumiem atbild Ķīnas Tautas Republikas vēstnieks Latvijā Lians Dzjaņcjuaņs.
Such conclusions arise from a report published last week by Transparency International, entitled "Global Corruption Barometer - EU 2021."
Such conclusions arise from a report published this week by Transparency International, entitled "Global Corruption Barometer - EU 2021."
The goal of a commercial company in the real economy is to increase or maintain sales of its products or services. Websites are just a way to find customers, place an order and make a purchase. Depending on the type of service or product, the quantity, as well as the conditions under which the services are provided and the goods are delivered, a website is very often an extremely effective tool. Sales of products or services can also take place traditionally by telephone call, face-to-face purchase, postal deliveries, text messages, e-mail and any other form of communication.
On May 8, President Egils Levits announced at the wreath-laying ceremony at the Riga Brethren Cemetery, honoring the memory of the victims of World War II and the fall of Nazism: “Latvia did not participate in World War II, it was a foreign war for us. Our boys were drafted into the armies on both sides of the war, they were fighting for foreign reasons in foreign armies, and we also had a lot of civilian casualties.” The President's statement that World War II "was a foreign war" led to a wide-ranging exchange of views.
In the middle of April, I got the impression that many Latvians have stopped living their lives and started living the lives of white-tailed eagles, constantly following the changes in bird partners, laying eggs, food supply, etc. It began to remind me somewhat of how many parents at some point stop living their lives and start living their children's lives, or even worse, they sink into the lives of some soap opera characters instead of their own lives.
Today marks a year since Neatkarīgā stopped coming out in a paper format and switched to purely digital format. During the year, 1,549,438 readers read Neatkarīgā's articles in Latvian, of which 88 percent live in Latvia. Neatkarīgā is also read by Latvians living in the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, the Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, etc. In total, during the year, Neatkarīgā's articles have been read 11,405,899 times.
On April 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his annual speech on the situation in the country, issued a fundamental warning to every country to refrain from crossing the "red line" that is drawn outlining Russia's interests: "Some countries have taken up an unseemly routine where they pick on Russia for any reason, most often, for no reason at all. It is some kind of new sport of who shouts the loudest.”
On 12 April, the European Council issued a statement on additional sanctions against Iran: “The Council today decided to extend its restrictive measures responding to serious human rights violations in Iran until 13 April 2022. These measures consist of a travel ban and an asset freeze, and a ban on exports to Iran of equipment which might be used for internal repression and of equipment for monitoring telecommunications. In addition, EU citizens and companies are forbidden from making funds available to the listed individuals and entities." Sanctions were imposed on eight Iranians for their actions in November 2019, when demonstrations escalated into violence.