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On May 18, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg officially received Finland and Sweden's application for accession. This is a historic event, because for almost two centuries (since 1815) Sweden was a neutral country. It was only in 1995, when Sweden joined the EU, that it lost its permanent neutrality. EU Member States have to follow a common EU policy, so EU Member States cannot be internationally recognized as permanently neutral countries. Until 2008, Sweden continued to pursue policies characteristic of neutral countries outside the common EU position.
I have not lived in Riga for several years, so I rarely use its public transport. It happened that on May 14 it was more convenient and easier for me to travel by train.
In early May, it will be two years since Neatkarīgā was transformed from a printed newspaper into a high-quality digital daily. In that time, we have more than doubled the audience of Neatkarīgā. In March 2022, according to Google Analytics, 620,000 unique users visited Neatkarīgā alone.
On May 2, the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a strong warning to Latvian nationals not to travel to Transnistria and to leave the region immediately. "In view of the Russian military attack on Ukraine and hostilities by Russian armed forces near the Moldovan border, which are currently causing unpredictable developments in the security situation in the near future, we strongly urge people not to travel to the Transnistrian region and Latvian nationals in the region to leave the Transnistrian region.
Last weekend I had the opportunity to spend some time in Estonia and see how ETV+, Estonia's Russian-language TV channel, works.
This week, the US and British military experts expressed grave concerns that Russia might use chemical weapons against the fighters in Mariupol in the war.
Unfortunately, the great unanimity and solidarity that prevailed in the international community in the first month since Russia invaded Ukraine is beginning to wane. If, on April 7, in the UN General Assembly vote on Russia's removal from the UN Human Rights Council, those countries that did not register to vote had taken part and voted "abstain", the decision would not have been taken and Russia would have remained on the UN Human Rights Council.
Šī gada 6. aprīlī Krievijas Liberāldemokrātiskās partijas līderis, Krievijas Valsts domes deputāts, Krievijas Valsts domes priekšsēdētāja vietnieks (2000–2011) Vladimirs Žirinovskis beidza šīs pasaules gaitas.
On April 6 this year Vladimir Zhirinovsky, leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, member of the Russian State Duma, Deputy Chairman of the Russian State Duma (2000-2011), passed away.
On March 23, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia would only accept payment in Russian rubles for natural gas supplies to countries that are "unfriendly to Russia", as all European Union member states have been declared to be, promising in this case to deliver gas at the volumes stipulated in previously concluded contracts.
Russia's aggression against Ukraine will have a long-term impact on Russia's economic development, pushing it back at least ten, if not twenty, years in terms of economic and technological development.
At a time when the Russian invasion of Ukraine has been going on for more than three weeks, Indian government corporation Indian Oil has bought three million barrels of oil from Russia because Russia is offering its oil at a price that is 20% lower than the stock exchange price. Many in Latvia have expressed puzzlement as to why India, the world's largest democracy, did not join in the general condemnation of Russian aggression and economic sanctions, but rather indirectly supports Russian aggression in Ukraine.
The outbreak of the war in Ukraine and the goals and demands set by Vladimir Putin make it clear that many seemingly unrelated events were part of Putin's plan to rebuild the Russian empire in the former USSR territory.
Jau pēc diviem mēnešiem būs divi gadi, kopš “Neatkarīgā” pārgājusi no drukāta laikraksta formāta uz digitālo formātu. Pēc pārejas uz digitālo formātu “Neatkarīgā” ir ievērojami palielinājusi lasītāju auditoriju. Viena mēneša laikā katrs trešais latvietis apmeklē “Neatkarīgo” vai portālu “nra.lv”
On March 2, the UN General Assembly voted on a resolution condemning Russia's aggression against Ukraine and condemning Belarus' involvement in the war.
The first week of Russia's war against Ukraine is drawing to a close. If Vladimir Putin had planned a blitzkrieg (a quick and easy victory), what Putin and the Russian military had in mind has failed. Although many Ukrainian towns have been taken over by the Russian army in several directions, the overall speed of movement of the Russian army even in southern Ukraine does not indicate success.
On December 14, 1974, the UN General Assembly adopted Resolution 3314 "Definition of Aggression".
The morning of February 24 began with the start of an undeclared war between Russia and Ukraine. As early as 5 a.m. Latvian time, the airspace in south-west Russia was closed to civil aviation, and an hour later all Russian TV channels carried Russian President Vladimir Putin's announcement of a military invasion of Ukraine.
Uz Neatkarīgās jautājumiem atbild vēstnieks V. E. Ljans Dzjaņcjuaņs
Interview with H.E. Ambassador Liang Jianquan on the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics by the chief editor of Latvia's Neatkarīgā Rīta Avīze.
Latvia has the lowest level of belief that the interests of its citizens are taken into account by public authorities compared to other Baltic countries, according to the latest Eurobarometer survey published on February 8.
In the 1990s, the church was one of the institutions with the highest public trust ratings in Latvia.